Welcome to my world!

Lots of websites, lots of home renovation!

I’ll be blogging about anything to do with either topic … Interior design is a new addition to my “portfolio” of skills and I’ll be posting about that too.

Before that I took a year off to consolidate my home renovation experience (aka finish painting and decorating my house!), and expand my horizons and do some formal study (currently a Diploma of Interior Design).

And  before that, I spent 20 years at Southern Cross University, the last 12 of those managing their web space, leading a software development team, building web-based applications to support the SCU community in their work and study. It’s hard to know exactly, but I’ve built more than 300 websites. So, websites is my comfort zone. I love it!

Topics and posts will cover everything from hints and tips for managing your website to useful bits of info about painting your house, knocking down walls, and the myriad work-arounds when doing any kind of renos. I a big believer in recycling (repurposing) furniture and other things, and will be talking about that too.

And, I’ll be blogging about New York. An amazing city that I went to last September. I’m still trying to sort through the 1000+ photos I took, and as I do, I’ll be posting them (well, some of them) here.

So, read on! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see here, comment on a post, or get in touch if you have any work for me 🙂