Finding inspiration for website projects

A new website design is sometimes easy .. well maybe not easy, but I can often have a very clear picture in my head about how a site could look. At other times, it can be much more difficult to find the trigger for that inspired idea that makes the whole design hang together. I know it’s not just about looks! Site architecture, tone, style, images, functionality, etc etc, all play a part. I really don’t enjoy showing clients sites that are “development”, i.e. the pages might be there, the navigation might be there, placeholders for images might be thee, but the whole thing just isn’t polished at all.

Clients often have no idea what they want, and find it can’t show me anything they like which makes it tricky, but it can be even trickier when a client says “I like this … and I want my site to look exactly like that .. just change the logo”. Hmm it doesn’t work that way! It does work when they can show be another site to give me an idea of what they like or don’t like. I can work with that!

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I look at design sites, other designer’s sites, magazines and blogs for inspiration. Here’s a few sites I really love – some are dark, some are very coloful, and others have functionality or navigation styles that I think are awesome!

Further – a UK based search and social marketing agency

This site above gave me the inspiration for the site below. If ever “Further” saw the site at SCU, I hope they’re flattered that their design helped me!

SCU International Office


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