SCU Community and Partners: The Healing Circle


The “Community and Partners” portal at SCU was made up of 9 interconnected sites (see below). A 10th site, Community Engagement, was designed and hosted off-site at that time.

The design for the portal for all of these sites was, as is often the case, provided by an external advertising agency, and my challenge was to turn single dimension design for the landing page into a fully functioning multi-layer website that made sense. My only other guide was a series of brochures which I could use for color specs and imagery. Each individual site had its own flavour but major design elements, were consistent across all. These sites were micro-managed to the last pixel making it an extremely challenging project. Unfortunately, change has meant that the integrity of this suite of sites no longer exists, although some pages remain unchanged or have been updated to fresher templates. There were literally hundreds of hours invested in this project which also pushed the functionality SCU CMS considerably!

The Healing Circle was different in style to the other parts o this site and this is why I’ve highlighted it here. The images provided by Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples were spectacular and it was hard to select the best ones for the random image gallery on the home page. I’ve chosen two of those images in my screenshots. The Healing Circle website was decommissioned less than two years after it was first created as a result of program changes.

Release date: 2009

Visit the site: Unfortunately, The Healing Circle website [] site is no longer available.

Related sites: Portal, Alumni*, Communities for the Future, (The Healing Circle, Enterprising Matters, Rising Stars Scholarships and Wellbeing for Life), SCU Foundation, Support SCU.

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* The Alumni website was redesigned at the end of 2010.


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