SCU Staff Christmas Party

The websites for the SCU staff christmas parties were themed each year (as were the parties!). I created these sites each year from 2001 through to 2010 so I’ve only included a sample here. The 1970’s featured a custom splash page with multiple image galleries, all of which loaded a random set of images; Spooky Friday adhered to all the worst of web design principles (but in a good way!) and incorporated things that moved, blinked, and were hard to read, but it fitted the theme of the party perfectly!; and Incognito was a masked party, and the website featured masks of all kinds.

Other themed websites included the White Party,  Olympics, Travel, all things starting with “T”, and my last party at SCU – Stepping Out! These sites were created initially in hand coded html, but progressed to custom CMS sites with additional functionality each year, e.g. the ability for staff to purchase tickets for the party via the website, and for the organisers to record attendees.

Release date: 2001-2010

Visit the site:  These sites are for staff-only.

SCU Staff Christmas Party 2002

SCU Staff Christmas Party 2007


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