SCU International

This is a suite of inter-connected sites that represent the many aspects of the International Office at SCU, and was a major body of work which has many hundreds of hours invested in it. Six individual sites: Portal, Future Students, Study Abroad, Exchnge, English Language Centre, SCU Aggents, and a staff-only site.

Content was reviewed and rewritten by a specialist team member, processes and how they are presented on the websites were all reviewed and streamlined where possible, images sourced, sites built, tested and released. These sites were entered in the Ustraian Web Awards in 2010, and whilst we didn’t win, the process was beneficial and amongst other things, allowed us to to ¬†significant amount of “bug-fixes” in our systems/websites to ensure html and css validation.

Site release: 2010

Visit the site:

International landing page

International Future Students-l

International Study Abroad

International Exchange

International English Language Centre

International Agents

International Staff Intranet


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