To carpet or not?

Timber flooringOnce upon a time, having carpet in your house was, I think, a bit of a status symbol. I have a very clear memory of the day we got new carpet in our house. I was about 10, and it was a pretty big deal! As I recall, it was pretty ugly carpet – grey with some all-over pattern that may or may not have been floral of some kind. But then, it was the 1970s – when loud wallpaper was very fashionable, and clearly, so was ugly carpet!

The house I’m in now was re-carpeted around 12 years ago. Well, most of the house was re-carpeted, so I have two different shades of cream wool berber. It hasn’t worn very well, and the old and “new” sections are looking quite tired. It’s been shampooed several times, but between kids, a black cat, and a pool that leads straight to the verandah that leads straight into the kitchen (half of which is carpeted) .. I think you get the picture!

Underneath the carpet are some beautiful dark floorboards. They look like all the nail holes have been done properly, and aside from the paint splotches from when the house was originally painted, they look pretty good. A couple of tradies have told me they are definitely hardwood, good quality, probably local gum of some kind. Whatever they are, I think they need to be freed from the carpet that’s covering them! I think I’ll even leave the paint splotches and just polish them. I think that adds to the character – don’t want a perfect shiny high gloss finish.

Interesting that once upon a time, carpet was the done thing. No-one wanted to see those bare timber floors. Today, it’s the total opposite.

One dilemma of course, is “what do you do with a houseful of carpet?”. I’m going to have to tackle this room by room, and get a very big bin! The other  is “can I do this myself?“. The short answer is yes, but the thought of having to move all the furniture again (this will be probably the third time I’ve had to shift stuff so I can paint etc) is pretty overwhelming, but it certainly won’t be the first time I’ve done some “big” jobs around the house!

I’d love to know if you’ve done this sort of job and what the outcome was. Were you happy with the end result? Was it as big a job as I think it will be?


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