New York NY

Street artist - Statue of Liberty - 5th Avenue, New York, September 2011

Street artist - Statue of Liberty - 5th Avenue, New York, September 2011

It’s true … New York never sleeps! I went there last September – on a design tour, which was part of the Interior Design course I’m currently doing. It was a total whirlwind of designers, warehouses, museums, and so very much more! (I did spend an extra few weeks being a tourist which was amazing as well!)

It certainly opened up my eyes to a world of design we rarely get to see – the $10,000 bathroom vanity, the $15,000 light fittings. I’ll be doing regular posts on these things!

One of the best places we went to was the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). It is an incredible place. Packed with people in the middle of the week, and by the end of the day there, I was literally unable to speak. Total overload!

But, on my first day in NY, I walked from  The Ace Hotel (the first of three I stayed at) on W29th Street all the way up Broadway (which one of the longest roads with the same name) as far as Central Park. 42nd Street is a favourite movie – and there it was! That day was the 10 year anniversary of 9/11,  and I wanted to be far away from from what was happening in that part of the city, only because I felt like a bit of an intruder, but I’ll post some more about that another time.

Broadway, NY

My first adventure exploring New York and being a total tourist! Photo taken on 11 September 2011.

Times Square

Times Square, NY. Photo taken 11 September 2011.

And once I arrived at Central Park, I thought this fountain looked a bit familiar. D’oh! It’s been in countless movies – one of which was “Enchanted”  the location for the big musical scene!

Fountain in Central Park, NY.

The fountain in Central Park that you've seen in countless movies! Photo taken 11 September 2011, NY.


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