Tea anyone? I’m loving the Luhse Tea website!

I spend a lot of time cruising around all sorts of websites. It’s part of the job I suppose, and it’s the best way of trying to keep up with what other designers are doing!

I literally stumbled across Luhse Tea quite by accident yesterday. I was actually looking for somewhere to buy my favourite Rooibos tea and even though they don’t sell it, I was drawn into the site anyway! I’m loving the dark retro feel!

And then in a strange twist, I also stumbled across the designer’s website (even though when I looked again, their site is linked from Luhse Tea’s site – I just didn’t see it first time round). I was actually looking at award winning websites for inspiration, and there it was! Their site is pretty cool too, although I have to wonder how many people are put off by the style and how many love it. You should go have a look, if for no other reason than to read the story of Luhse Tea, and I’m loving that a US company has used an Aussie design agency.

When you are choosing a designer, do you always choose someone whose style is similar to your own?


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