eWaste MuchI’ve just finished a new landing page, designed to be a gateway to Alan’s social networking sites and the soon to be released blog on the topic of eWaste.  Here’s the Wikipedia definition of eWaste, but you can also go to Alan’s site/s to find out more as well!

The page itself is as simple as it can be, designed to be viewable in as many devices (mobile and desktop) as possible, but still have a glossy, high-tech, dynamic feel. A complementary Twitter page was done at the same time.

Release date: 4 June 2012

Visit the site:


This job was also unusual for me because I won it through a site called eLance which is a job-site where you can advertise for contractors, and as a freelancer, I can bid on jobs as well. The job was completed in around 2 weeks, completely by email – from the brief through final approval. I’ve never met my client, and probably never will, mostly because he is now in Argentina!