Keeping up with your blogging

BloggingI’ve had a personal blog for the last year or so, and to start with I was posting every day. The good reason for that was being in the position of being able to take a year off, in a totally unexpected way. That was such a novelty that I decided to tell everyone about what I was doing which was mostly some pretty big jobs around the house – knocking down walls, painting, putting up shelves, restoring some furniture, re-doing the garden, etc, etc, etc! The pace has slowed considerably, but when it comes down to it, my personal blog is specifically designed to keep up with family and friends, so all the good stuff does get posted eventually! I might make a book of it for the kids one day!

Business blogs are different though.  Of course, the “why do you want a blog” is the first question, but that is usually followed pretty quickly by “How often do you need to post?” When clients ask me this, I always say they should post a few times a week, but if not that frequently, it should be regularly. Less than once a week is really not enough, so you do need to be organised about how you approach it. It’s easy if you enjoy writing and have topics to write about, but some people do struggle with the whole notion of blogging, and if you’re not enjoying it, it’s going to be evident to your followers.

You do need to be disciplined about making sure you have the time to actually sit down and write, and that can be tough when you’re starting out (I know this from personal experience!). One solution is to write all of your posts weekly, and schedule them! Most blogging platforms have the functionality to do this and a very handy feature it is indeed! You might have to put a couple of hours aside to write several posts, but if you have a busy week, well, you don’t have to “find” time to write something coherent, and you won’t have weeks in between posts. Believe me, it happens!

Some weeks, I know I’ll be able do a new post every couple of days, but I always try to have a few posts up my sleeve just in case! You can always change the date a post is due to go out, or just keep as draft until you’re ready to finish them. I usually have a few draft posts – and I’m keeping that way, mostly to remind me about topics I wanted to cover. I also automatically send my posts to Facebook so there’s usually something new there every few days as well.

Note to self: always remember to save as draft and NOT publish immediately! You don’t want to send something out that’s only half done!

I love blogging but I do tend to put a couple of hours aside, and just write. I’m in awe of people who post every single day without fail, and I do look forward to reading those posts. I have a rapidly growing lists of blogs I follow, and I catch up with all of them every day over my morning coffee!

How do you keep up with your blogging? Every day? Once a week? I’d love to hear how you manage your blog.


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