Amazing glasswork by Shayna Leib

I discovered these extraordinary glass sculpture by Madison-based artist Shayna Leib at the Colossal Art and Design website.

Leib became obsessed with glass at the tender age of 7 when she saw a glassblowing demonstration at a local university, an experience that profoundly changed her life.

Each of the pieces in her Wind and Water takes nearly a month to create and involves a painstaking, multi-step process that begins with pulling individual 30-50 foot segments of glass called cane (imagine making 2400 °F taffy candy), a step that’s repeated 8 to 200 times depending on the scale of the piece. To clarify: she generates over 1 mile of thin glass pieces from which she cuts into tens of thousands of segments organized by shape and length. Next begins the tedious process of building the actual sculpture, requiring roughly 45 minutes for each two square inch area.

Shayna Leib glasswork

Shayna Leib glasswork

Shayna Leib glasswork

Shayna Leib glasswork

Andaman & 6 Species

Shayna Leib “Eddy”

Shayna Leib “After the Rain”

Pretty amazing isn’t it?!

Shayna Leib’s website is and you can see more on the Colossal Art and Deign website as well (


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