Twitter backgrounds

I’d never given much thought to Twitter backgrounds until a client  asked me to do something that matched the new web page I’d just completed for him.

I knew you could choose from a heap of backgrounds and colour schemes provided by Twitter, but whilst you can’t customise much more than the link colours and background image, you can actually do a lot with that! So, I went looking to see what was out there and found same great examples!

I do use Twitter, but it’s a recent addition and I’ve not yet added a link to my Tweets to my website. The background image I used matches my website, but after looking at some of the great examples out there, I think I’ll be tweaking it a bit! I’ll post the results here.

Here’s a few examples of different Twitter backgrounds.

Twitter backgrounds

The official Twitter of Nick Swisher, NY Yankees (@NickSwisher)

Time Magazine on Twitter

Time Magazine on Twitter (@TIME)

@Zdatny on Twitter

@Zdatny on Twitter

Twitter backgrounds

Beautiful colourful background for Twitter

Twitter backgrounds

Another beautiful and colourful Twitter background.

Twitter backgrounds

British Airways on Twitter (@BritishAirways) as it was last year. It’s different now!

Twitter backgrounds


And here’s the one I’ve just finished which uses some of the design elements from Alan’s website.

eWaste Much on Twitter

Alan Beazley’s Twitter page

Do you use Twitter? Have you done something different with your background image or do you use one of Twitter’s options?


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