Know Yourself Grow Yourself (KYGY)

Featured - Know Yourself Grow Yourself (KYGY)

This site redevelopment was stage one of a bigger plan!

A new, fresh public website was needed to publicise personal development courses that were being held in September and October 2012, with the second stage of being development of an online course in 2013.

Because the course will be developed and delivered progressively, I set up the shell of the course site, installed Digital Access Pass, and did basic training to enable my clients to take on the development work themselves – ownership is very empowering!

  • Redesign
  • Content review
  • Theme selection, and subsequent customisation
  • Install and customise the usual plugins! For example, Facebook,, Yoast, Paypal, and others to optimise the site and help with client site management.
  • Image selection
  • Migration to WordPress
  • Search optimisation
  • Manage development/live site release
  • Event Espresso Lite (interim event registration which will be replaced with DAP in future)
  • DAP – Digital Access Pass installation (for online course and member management)
  • Testing
  • Training

Released: 12 August 2012

Visit the site:


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