Lismore Gateway Motel and Restaurant

Lismore Gateway Motel and Restaurant [page]

This is the second release (version) I’ve done of the Lismore Gateway Motel and Restaurant website. The Gateway Restaurant site was recently completed as well. There are strong similarities in the look and feel of both sites, but they each have their own style.

New and fresh, a move to WordPress, reworked content and some additional material. There are strong links between this site and the Restaurant site, and several landing pages will also be added over the coming months. A blog is also planned.

A responsive design was important for this site, particularly to allow customers to contact the Motel, and book accommodation quickly and easily, and this has been achieved.

Work included:

  • WordPress install, theme selection, and subsequent customisation
  • Image selection and initial brief for photography
  • Rework of logo (minor)
  • Install and customise the usual plugins! For example, Facebook, Tripit,, Yoast, Google maps, and others to optimise the site and help with client site management.
  • Establish Google Places and Google + pages
  • Search optimisation – a work in progress!
  • Manage multiple domains
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Ongoing analytics monitoring, Facebook posts, identifying relevant sites for cross linking, etc.

Released: 10 December 2012

Visit the site:

Lismore Gateway Motel and Restaurant, December 2012


The original site

This work involved a refresh of the original site that was put together quite quickly just before the Motel opened in December 2011. The goal was to refresh the look (even though the original site had only been done six months previously. I wasn’t involved with the original site development). Content needed to be re-written, and look and feel updated. It is definitely a work in progress and I am working with staff at the Motel to make improvements to both the look, and underlying framework. It is hosted by an external company who also provide the CMS.

Lismore Gateway Motel and Restaurant original site April 2012

Release date: 14 April 2012

Visit the site:


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