SCU Gym and Pool

SCU Gym and Pool

Hot off the keyboard! The new SCU Gym and Pool website!! This is a complete redesign of a site that had been last changed some years ago (circa 2008 or earlier). I’m very excited about this one, and it’s a major change on many fronts – now using WordPress, a new design, it’s responsive, fresh colours, online timetable instead of PDF to name a few … and lots of new content being developed to keep the site fresh, including trainer bios and videos.

Work included:

  • WordPress install, theme selection, and subsequent customisation
  • Image selection from existing set, and photography for new images
  • Rework of logo
  • Install and customise the usual plugins! For example, Facebook, Yoast, Google maps, and others to optimise the site and help with client site management.
  • Search optimisation – a work in progress!
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Ongoing analytics monitoring, Facebook posts, identifying relevant sites for cross linking, etc.

Released: 31 January 2013

Visit the site:

SCU Gym and Pool full page

The original site below.

SCU Gym and Pool original design pre 2013


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