Foreva Young – Boutique Beauty Salon

Foreva Young Boutique Beauty Salon

A brand new site for Foreva Young – a boutique beauty salon at Maclean (NSW).

The brief was to create a site that was clean and simple. This resulted in several design drafts that took the site from zen (think bamboo) to beachy, blingy, then vintage,  right through to white but not clinical! it really came down to finding that one “thing” that made it all work – there were several options, but a very late decision to use a very simple background (found by the client) worked!

The design process was perhaps hampered by the fact that we were never able to meet face-t0-face which made it challenging to explain design decisions and functional aspects of the site by email and phone – always much easier in person!! Ultimately though, clients have to love their websites and be involved in the whole process (and what happens after a site is released), otherwise enthusiasm wanes quickly and there is nothing worse than a website that languishes!

Aside from design considerations, simple page setup was important to allow owner, Allison, to manage all content and add images herself, and this is already happening.

I’ve used WordPress, with a fully customised premium theme. It’s easy to navigate, and is responsive. It’s a small site now, but could well grow with the addition of an online store in the not too distant future!

Work included:

  • WordPress install, theme selection, and subsequent customisation
  • Image selection from existing set and sourcing new ones
  • (Minor) rework of logo
  • Install and customise the usual plugins! For example, Facebook, Yoast, Google maps, and others to optimise the site and help with client site management.
  • Search optimisation – a work in progress!
  • Testing
  • Ongoing analytics monitoring,
  • Identification of relevant sites for cross linking, etc (also a work in progress)

Released: 11 April 2013

Visit the site:

Foreva Young Boutique Beauty Salon


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