The Stella Network

The Stella Network Lismore

The Stella Network is Lismore’s Women in Business network . It’s an informal network where members can ask advice, and support and mentor each other. I’ve been going to Stella Networking events for the last year or so.

Stellas has been active on Facebook for some time, but didn’t yet have a website. For me, this was an easy way to give something back and support a fabulous group, so I’ve created, manage and host the site.

It’s a simple one-page site at the moment, with an easy “join the network” form, an event calendar, and links to some favourite sites. Future plans will see the site expand with a members directory, the ability to register for events online, and generally provide resources for members of the group.

It’s a hosted WordPress site, with a customised theme, and the usual social media integration, SEO, stats and security plugins. An event calendar, forms, and  few other plugins complete the site management tools.

Released: 2 May 2013

Visit the site:

The Stella Network - Lismore


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